A delicious Italian meal should be the lead up to a delicious Italian dessert. At Bella Via, traditional Italian desserts abound, with treats ranging from the frozen to the browned right before serving. Don’t fail to order one of these decadent dishes the next time you visit:

Cannoli. No Italian eatery would be able to hold its head up without fresh cannoli! Our handmade cannoli is made daily, kept at perfect temperature, and served up just the way it should be – ready for consumption and in larger portions than you have any right to expect.

Tortino di Ricotta. News flash: cheesecake doesn’t come out of a box that says “Jello” on it. Traditional Italian cheesecake at Bella Via is made the right way – with frothy ricotta cheese and a delicate crumb. You’ll never be satisfied with your Aunt Ginger’s graham cracker crust version again!

Pastiera Napoletana. This is the traditional spring dessert of Naples, Italy; a light pie made with ricotta cheese and a whole wheat crust.

Panna Cotta and Rice Pudding. Italian custard cream is so good, you’ll be scraping the dish and licking the spoon! This is a traditional favorite that is an excellent choice for sharing – get two spoons and enjoy a small treat after a large meal. Too rich? Try the homemade rice pudding for a milder dessert

Crème Brulee and Tiramisu. Everyone loves these decadent desserts; the crème brulee, with its combination of heat and chill, sweet and crunchy; and the rich, coffee flavored tiramisu fit for royalty. Bella Via does both desserts right!

Chocolate Souffle. Want a larger, more filling dessert? Try Bella Via’s individual chocolate cake, which features a warm chocolate center and a scoop of cold vanilla gelati.

Gelati and Sorbet. In the mood for something frozen and fabulous? Choose from a variety of flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, mango, pistachio or lemon.

These Italian desserts are not to be forgotten – be certain to order one with your pizza or Italian dish, and remember that you can get many of our desserts boxed for takeaway as well.