At Bella Via, every pizza is prepared by hand and then cooked to perfection. We start with fresh ingredients and follow traditional pizza making methods handed down through generations, but the last step is one of the most crucial: our old fashioned coal fire ovens are the secret to the incredible crust of our pies!

Masonry ovens were traditionally made of brick or stone, fired up with wood or coal and able to hold a wide range of baked goods. Today’s ovens are often heated with electricity or gas, but at Bella Via we depend on an authentic coal fire to give our pizzas a delightfully flaky crust. The secret to perfect Italian food is tradition.

Many modern pizzerias have developed their own versions of “pizza”, with a heavy, doughy crust that provides a carbohydrate overload, flavorless sauce that is thick and pasty, and prefab toppings that are almost lost among the processed cheese. This “non-food” isn’t even worthy to be called pizza! In contrast, our pizzas have the time-honored thin crust, baked to perfection in our coal fired brick ovens, delicious pizza sauce (made from legendary San Marzano tomatoes) and a variety of freshly prepared toppings and multiple layers of authentic shredded cheeses.

By using the best ingredients for pizza making every day, we ensure that our customers always get the perfect slice of pie. They come back again and again for the classic Margherita topped wit fresh mozzarella and basil, or the famous four seasons pizza (Quattro Stagioni) – a pizza for everyone with four different quarters: artichoke, ham, mushroom and Biancaneve (white pizza).

Don’t settle for “non-pizza”! Instead, come dine at our Long Island City restaurant and experience pizza like you’ve never had it before. You’ll fall in love with the coal fire brick oven baked thin crust and become addicted to the dozens of gourmet pizza toppings.

Order from our lunch menu or dinner menu or build your own pizza with confidence – whether you love anchovies and artichokes or prefer a plain white pizza free from frills, Bella Via will become your new haunt for the best pizza every single time. Not in the mood for pizza? Bella Via also offers a full menu of Italian appetizers, pasta dishes, wines and gourmet desserts. Come eat at the friendliest Italian restaurant in Queens.