The Secrets to Bella Via Pizza

If you love Long Island City pizza delivery, you can’t do much better than Bella Via!

The secret to Bella Via pizza is that there’s more than one secret – and they are badly kept. If you live in LIC, pizza that makes the top of your list is probably going to include Bella Via, for the following reasons:

The Crust

No cardboard tasting, premade, frozen, or short cut crust here. Every pizza has a crust that is made form scratch, kneaded then hand-tossed to circular perfection, and baked in a super-hot coal fired brick oven to ensure the outside is crispy and the inside is chewy – just like all pizza in Queens should be.

The Sauce

Again, no premade sauce from a can or a bag. Bella Via uses fresh, ripe San Marzano tomatoes for our signature red sauce that is thick enough to not spill off the crust or make it soggy, but smooth enough to provide the perfect base for the next ingredient – the cheese. (Don’t care for red sauce? Try our white sauce pizzas for a creamy texture and delicious flavor that goes perfectly with veggies.) The Cheese All of our cheese is divine, from the drifts of traditional grated mozzarella to the incredible fontina, gorgonzola, ricotta, and parmesan. “Heaven is made of melted cheese,” a famous celebrity once said, and our pizza has enough to make even the most skeptical critic melt a little around the edges.

The Toppings

Gourmet pizza toppings create an incredible finish to every pizza we make. From flavorful pepperoni and rich sausage to fresh, sliced peppers, onions, or broccoli, we’ve got the toppings to please even the pickiest eater. Try adding truffle oil, extra cheeses, or amazing chopped San Marzano tomatoes to your pizza and find out what high heat can do to cook them just crisp tender for a flavor explosion in your mouth. Whether your preference is delivery or sitting down for a meal with friends or family, Bella Via has created the perfect LIC pizza experience. Call or go online to place your pizza delivery order or come in and enjoy pizza as just the starter to a traditional, sit-down, family-style Italian meal.