Long Island City and Bella Via pizza are built the same way, with originality and authenticity down to the crust. If you order out often enough to have favorite restaurants, or just want a fresh pizza that’s the best in LIC, then Bella Via is the pizza place for you. Whether you’re ordering for yourself, friends, or a stay-at-home date, we’ve got anything and everything that you can sink your teeth into.

For those looking to treat themselves to fine cuisine in the safety and comfort of their home, here are the best pizza pies Bella Via has to offer.

  • Cheese lovers, unite. Pizza is all about the holy trinity: crust, sauce, and cheese, and the Quatro Formaggi focuses on the latter of those three. With ricotta, fontina, mozzarella, and gorgonzola, this pizza leaves nothing out when it comes to dairy. Not a fan of tomato sauce? Well you’re in luck, because this pie can be ordered without it.
  • The Quatro Staggioni boasts the best with white sauce, or Biancaneve, artichoke, mushroom, and ham. This is certainly a pizza for an adventurous spirit, but don’t be fooled, it’s appealed to many a picky eater in its time.
  • Named after the restaurant its born from, the Bella Via is a pizza for the ages. White, creamy sauce paired with mozzarella and topped with broccoli and sausage, it’s definitely something special.

If you’re hankering for something simple, but don’t want to order fast-food pizza and feel guilty afterwards, Bella Via has you covered there too. There’s no need to take the low road just because you don’t feel like messing with fancy toppings and sauces, so here are some classic pizzas to sate any appetite.

  • With wild oregano and anchovies, our Marinara kicks the classic tomato/cheese/bread pizza up a notch with some added ingredients and a sense of adventure.
  • The Margherita is the true classic. Closest to the original ‘pizza’ from hundreds of years ago, it boasts crispy, coal-brick crust, San Marzano tomatoes, and handfuls of fresh mozzarella. A pizza pie everyone should try once, just to experience the true classic.
  • The Focaccia al Sorrentina is perfect for anyone who feels overwhelmed by too many toppings. Like the Margherita, it features tomatoes and mozzarella, but with just an added bonus for anyone who loves the crust most.
  • The Rughetta e’Prosciutto de Parma has a long and complicated name, but the pizza is simple. Made with prosciutto de parma and fresh arugula, it’s a lot of pizza, a lot of meat, and a lot of flavor.

Coal-fire, brick-oven, and fresh, Bella Via is here for even the most dedicated pizza lovers. Order out or sit in, and enjoy an authentic taste of Italy’s best food.