Forget the endless debate of New York vs Chicago, or thickness of a pizza’s crust. What counts when it comes to a proper pizza is that coal-fired brick oven taste, and at Bella Via you get the best, most authentic Long Island City pizza.

It doesn’t matter if you are a purist who only wants a heavy layer of cheese, a fan of the ever popular pepperoni, a margherita devotee, or want your very own pie loaded with anchovies. A proper Long Island City pizza starts with fresh ingredients and ends with a coal fire baked crust, and that’s that.

But why, exactly, does our brick oven make such a difference compared to a commercial gas-fired or electric oven baked pizza?

The answer lies in the super-hot temperatures you get in an insulated brick oven (reaching over 900 degrees Fahrenheit), which allow the pizza toppings to stay fresh and tender while the crust itself bakes to a crispy golden crunch that is still chewy and moist on the inside.

The pizza can rest directly on the oven floor, providing direct heat that gives you an even, brown color and crispness. The cheese gets just the right amount of heat to melt into gooey yummy goodness, and the toppings practically flash cook in the extreme heat, searing the exterior and leaving the inside of each succulent morsel juicy and delicious.

It’s a huge contrast to conventionally cooked pizzas, which come out with a pale, doughy crust, cheese that’s burnt and rubbery, and toppings that are shriveled and tasteless.

While some pizzerias are known for using “artisanal” woods to “infuse” each pie with “mesquite”, “Applewood” or other fancy smoked in flavors, at Bella Via we are purists, employing only coal — the “old-fashioned” way. You can taste the freshness of the newly grated mozzarella and the San Marzano tomatoes in every delicious bite.

For true “New York pie”, pick up the phone and order pizza in Long Island City by calling Bella Via today. You’ll never be able to look at commercially produced pizza the same way again!