Order LIC Pizza Delivery from Bella Via all Summer Long!

It’s summer, finally, and things are heating up – vacations on the beach, fun in the sun, and delicious pizza cooked to perfection by Bella Via.

There are many reasons why pizza is a favored choice for young and old alike, but pizza from chain restaurants can often fall short when it comes to nutrition. When you order form Bella Via, you get amazing tasting pizza that’s good for you – thanks to the fresh, gourmet pizza topping, the sauce ingredients (including San Marzano tomatoes) and the thin crust baked in a coal fire brock oven for delicious perfection.

Here are five reasons you should call Bella Via for Long Island City Pizza Delivery those summer days and nights when pizza is the only food group you want to eat!

  1. Our crust. It’s made fresh every single day, from only the best ingredients, and hand tossed just like it is supposed to be – none of the refrigerated or frozen crusts that are more like cardboard-tasting discs. Our crust is created in just the right thickness to cook quickly and yield that thin, crunchy yet chewy texture New Yorkers insist on, and our super-hot ovens ensure the rest of your pie is baked until the cheese is gooey and veggies tender crisp.
  2. Our cheese. It’s prime mozzarella, grated fresh every day and drifted in massive handful across your pie. We also offer goat cheese if you want your pizza to be extra delicious; Robiola is an option in some of our decadent focaccia, and ricotta, gorgonzola, and fontina all make an appearance in our four cheese Quattro Pizza.
  3. Our sauce. We make our own sauce form San Marzano tomatoes plucked ripe off the vine. No canned, frozen, or jarred sauces ever touch our pizzas – it’s all fresh, all the time for that garden fresh taste and robustness. We also make a fantastic white sauce if tomatoes aren’t your thing, just ask for white sauce or split a pie half and half.
  4. Our toppings. We have the widest range of gourmet pizza toppings you’ve ever seen. From the staples (cheese, pepperoni, peppers, onions, mushrooms and anchovies) to the extra healthy (broccoli, eggplant, grilled chicken, arugula) to the exotic (pineapple, truffle oil, bresaola) and indulgent (bacon, prosciutto).
  5. Our service. Come in and dine family style, or order by phone or online and get quick delivery to the Queens area.

Long Island City pizza has never tasted so good, and we’re open late for those evenings when a pizza seems like the perfect end to a summer day full of fun.