At Bella Via, every pizza represents our core values – freshness and flavor. We carefully prepare each pizza by hand and then cook it to perfection. We use only the freshest ingredients, time honored recipes, and traditional cooking methods to create a perfect pie, every time.

Coal fired brick ovens are the real secret to that “New York pizza” – it’s the only way to quickly cook the outside of the crust and trap flavor in the chewy inside. Originally, pizza baking was done in massive masonry ovens made of brick or stone, fired up with wood or coal, and able to hold many pizzas at once.

Today, at Bella Via, we’ve eschewed modern gas or electric ovens in favor of the same coal fired methods, providing a crust that is unbeatable I texture, crispness, and flavor. Our crust is handmade, without all of the preservatives and cheap ingredients that make modern pizza crust doughy or overly yeasty. Instead, we create a proper pie, with edges plumped just enough toke ep toppings form spilling over the rim.

Next comes our fresh sauce – made from San Marzano tomatoes, it’s created fresh instead of poured from a bag or a can, and we make sure every pizza has just enough but not too much. Over the sauce goes great handfuls of mozzarella, also fresh – no chalky crumbles at Bella Via, just shreds of moist, delicious cheese.

Toppings galore allow every customer to crate their unique style of pie or you can choose from tried and true favorites, such as the classic Margherita drifted with loads of fresh mozzarella and basil, or the famous Quattro Stagioni with artichoke, ham, mushroom and Biancaneve.

Each pie is made to exacting specifications and cooked to perfection in our coal fire ovens to provide the “best pizza in Queens” experience. Order Long Island City pizza delivery, or come in to enjoy our family restaurant atmosphere and sample our wine list and desserts as well.

Even if you aren’t in the mood for pizza, you can still enjoy a wide range of Italian appetizers and main courses – bring the extended family or a crowd of friends and order family style, with a wide range of dishes for everyone to share. We’ll be your new go-to spot when showing friends and family around the neighborhood, and you can depend on us to always come through with amazing food and an incredible experience.