Wondering why Long Island City pizza baked in a coal-fired brick oven tastes so much better than generic pizza? The secret is the super-high dry heat, in which the pizza is quickly baked to perfection.

At Bella Via, pizza making starts with fresh dough prepared daily and tossed expertly into large, even rounds by our experienced pizza bakers. Our sauce, made from San Marzano tomatoes ripened to perfection, is a handed-down tradition, refined by years of use and tweaking. It’s spread from crust to crust across the waiting pie.

Super fresh gourmet pizza ingredients are next – choose from a long list, or ask for one of our time-honored combinations that never disappoint. The Margherita is simplicity itself, with freshly grated mozzarella and rich basil strewn across the surface of each pizza. The Four Seasons (Quattro Stagioni) has artichoke, ham, mushroom and Biancaneve (white pizza) on the four quarters of the pie.

Once your pizza is prepared to order, it’s slid carefully into one of our old fashioned coal fire ovens – the true secret to the incredible crust of our pies! These masonry ovens are traditionally made of brick and fired with coal, for a high, dry heat and a wonderfully flaky crust that retains just a hint of chewiness.

Forget wasting time, money and calories on modern pizza, with cardboard crust, tasteless red sauce, and toppings sliced days or weeks before. Limp pizza steamed half to death in a gas or electric oven isn’t worthy to be called an Italian pie. Instead, visit Bella Via and find out what real pizza tastes like – then tell your friends, and come again and again.

You can always come up with your own combinations. Add broccoli rabe for nutrition and color, or sliced mushrooms and crisp onions for flavor and snap. Whether you love sausage and pepperoni, prefer ham and pineapple, or lean towards the exotic with truffle oil and goat cheese, Bella Via in Long Island City will become your favorite hangout for the best pizza every single time.