New York is famous for its pizza, and what better place to get an authentic, oven-baked pie than Bella Via? Nestled on Vernon Blvd in the historic section of Long Island City, this restaurant has made its living by satisfying hundreds of New Yorker’s cravings. With old-style coal fired ovens and a collection of dedicated cooks, it’s a Long Island City pizza delivery you just can’t find a match for anywhere else.

With crispy crust, perfectly baked toppings, and freshly melted cheese, every slice is packed with flavor. The sauce, whether you favor creamy white or spicy red sauce, is perfectly cooked and seasoned to bring out the best in the cheese and toppings, without overpowering the crust. Never soggy, the crust is the solid foundation for the rest of the pizza, which can be littered with whatever you desire.

From red peppers and pepperoni to more adventurous choices like eggplant and broccoli, no topping is impossible. This is your pizza, and Bella Via wants every square inch of it to be perfectly tailored to your tastebuds. Curious about our specials? It’s never a bad time to enjoy our ‘Four Seasons’ pizza, topped lovingly with artichoke, ham, and mushroom and a smooth white sauce.

New Yorkers are notorious for being in a hurry. If you’re someone with a lot to do and not enough time, you don’t to settle for fast food. Order online or call in, and drop by to pick it up when it’s ready: fresh, authentic New York pizza, piping hot on demand. We even provide fast, delicious Long Island City pizza delivery to the lucky people who also call the Queens area ‘home’.

We at Bella Via strive for perfection in all things, especially when it comes to the art of making, baking, and serving pizza. With only the freshest ingredients and a strict tradition of using coal ovens for the most authentic flavor possible, these pizzas are made from the crust-up to be nothing but the best.

If you’re on a search for the best pizza or just dropping by Queens on your daily commute, it would be a shame if you didn’t stop by to try a slice — or an entire pie.

Share with friends and family, or take a box home for a night of self-indulgence. There’s nothing better than treating yourself with good food and some relaxation, so don’t hesitate to get yourself something nice at Bella Via. Come on down and have dinner with us, or plan on making one day a week your very own Long Island City pizza delivery night.