Taking a lunch break? Looking for the perfect place to grab something to eat and spend some time with work friends – without leaving LIC? Bella Via is the answer – amazing Italian food, including coal fired brick oven pizza that’s the best in Queens!


Bella Via has a wide variety of starters, from the delicious beet salad with apples and goat cheese to the grilled chicken Caesar; from the grilled marinated vegetables with fresh mozzarella to the not one but two calamari options – grilled with walnut sauce, or fried with red sauce!


Like something warm on a chilly day? Try one of our three soups – mixed vegetable, beans and cannellini, or egg drop with spinach.


Spaghetti, angel hair pasta, ravioli, rigatoni, penne, tagliolini and more – the pasta choices are many, and they are always cooked to perfect al dente. Sauces range from the standard red to a light cream, and you can even try rice or risotto if you aren’t in the mood for noodles. Give the ricotta spinach gnocchi with tomatoes and olives a try, or enjoy a plate of rigatoni with eggplant and tomatoes.


Veal scaloppini sautéed with asparagus tips is a traditional plate, or opt for the stuffed with raisins and spinach version that comes covered in a pink sauce. Chicken is free range, and topped with cheeses or mixed greens. Grilled pork chops, grilled salmon, or seared calf liver round out the meat options.


Don’t forget the famous coal fired oven pizza, baked to perfection with a thin, crisp crust, fresh cheese, San Marzano tomatoes and a huge selection of gourmet pizza toppings!

Finish out your long lunch with dessert (and grab a bottle of wine for the table if you opt to simply call it a day and stretch lunch in to an early day!)