Whether you dine at Bella Via with family or with friends, the experience can be even better when you share. There’s just too much to choose from, so plan on ordering for the table and splitting the generous entrees so everyone can enjoy a variety of delicious Italian foods.

The tagliatelle is perfectly cooked, with al dente noodles piled high in the center of the plate. Large shrimp are arranged around the noodles, which are garnished with delicious oven dried tomatoes and crumbles of cheese. The light sauce can be spooned up from the bottom of the deep serving plate and drizzled over each portion.

The spinach fettuccine is just as good, also cooked to perfection and sauced gently with pesto. Shrimp, again, adorn the plate along with thick slices of sautéed mushrooms for a subtle blend of flavors that delight the palate.

For those with a taste for lighter fare, the pollo caprese is an ideal addition to the table. Chicken breasts cooked carefully until done, topped with gently melted cheese and garnished with green herbs make a nice contrast to the heavier shrimp and pasta dishes. The fresh vegetables on the side are crisp-tender – roasted baby red potatoes, carrots and flat, green beans.
A warm and filling dish to add is the risotto. Creamy and rich, the Arborio rice is cooked until just tender, then blended with mixed wild mushrooms and sauced just enough to hold together. Everyone will want a taste.

No Bella Via meal is complete without a coal fired brick oven pizza. Order the Italian restaurant’s flagship pie, the Quattro Stagioni (four seasons); a pie divided into fourths with each section distinct: ingredients include artichokes, ham, mushrooms, and biancaneve.
Finish the meal with cups of Bella Via’s cappuccino and slices of ricotta cheese cheesecake garnished with fruit sauce. Whether it’s a celebratory dinner or just a friendly night out, consider a refined merlot or chardonnay to add extra zest to your meal.

The evening will be remembered by all when you share Italian food family style at Bella Via. Everyone is certain to find a dish that appeals to them, and even timid eaters will have the courage to try new things. Visit this gem of a Long Island City restaurant, and find out what you’ve been missing.