Nothing is better than a hot plate of pasta or a warm-from-the-oven pizza on a cold winter’s day. At Bella via, even our ambience is warm and welcoming, with our family friendly atmosphere,  share-it-all style of serving, and, of course, coal-burning brick oven.

Extra plates are a matter of fact at Bella Via, since it’s impossible to choose just one dish for yourself. Instead, consider ordering family style, with a number of dishes from both the first and second courses plus a couple of appetizers.

When your food arrives, expect some elbow jostling and jockeying for position! Everyone will want to pile their plates with a taste of all the different dishes. Pile some anti-pasta next the a slice of pizza next to a heaping helping of pasta, then reach across and snag some of the roast chicken on Cousin Donald’s plate and ask Aunt Betty to pass the salt and pepper.

Don’t forget to ask about our wine selection – you can order by the glass for picky drinkers and get a bottle or two for the rest of the table to share.

Don’t get stuck hosting the family potluck this year. Instead, pool funds and spring for a dinner out on the town – with no need to slave in a hot kitchen and no mess to clean up afterwards.

Bella Via should be on your shortlist of places to dine during holiday season. Delight your friends and family with your insider knowledge of where to get amazing coal fired brick oven pizza and genuine traditional Italian food in Queens, and you’ll be a hero.