Every pizza used to be baked in a coal or wood fired brick oven, but with the advancement of technology, most pizzerias turned to massive steel ovens and natural gas. As a result, there are millions of people living today who have never enjoyed a real New York pizza crust.

At Bella Via, we pride ourselves on the coal fire, brick oven crust of our Long Island City pizzas, and for good reason. With a bit of extra effort and a lot of loyalty to tradition, a proper crust can make a pizza worth bragging about.

Our traditional standards and adherence to the oldest, best methods for pizza preparation make our pizzas some of the best in Long Island. If you’re looking for a good crust, topped with nothing but the best sauce and the freshest toppings, all you have to do is visit our family restaurant or place an order for pizza delivery in LIC.

While it may seem overly specific to put so much emphasis on the crust of the pizza, the attention is well deserved. If you’ve ever had a raw or burnt crust, you know that a pizza depends on its base for everything from flavor to support. The crust is the foundation of the pizza, and makes up most of the texture. If it’s not cooked properly, what’s the point in throwing toppings and sauce onto it?

The secret to a good pizza crust lies entirely on the way that it is baked. Too low of a temperature allows the crust to become hard and lose its chewy interior. The crust has to be cooked carefully in a high, dry heat that crisps it while still cooking the sauce, cheese, and toppings properly. Temperatures over 900 degrees are required, as well as expert handling of the oven to ensure no hot spots create burned edges.

Bella Via’s old-style ovens are the key to our traditional crusts. The thick brick walls concentrate the heat, and by resting the pizza on a stone within the oven, we ensure that the pizza crust cooks slowly and thoroughly while still staying chewy and fresh on the inside.

The end result is a hot, fresh pizza that cuts easily, with a crisp texture to the crust and a steaming hot, chewy inside. It can easily support the weight of any and all gourmet pizza toppings and won’t become soggy or cold.

They always say the heart of New York lies in its pizza, so why settle for anything less than the best? Stop by Bella Via on Vernon Blvd. for a freshly cooked pie, and learn why a coal-fired crust is so important.