Location, speed, and service aren’t the most important things when it comes to pizza delivery. While the takeout industry thrives on these things, the pizza is at the heart of the appeal, and it should never be skimped on!

Fast food industries sacrifice quality for the sake of time, and many restaurants are coming up with newer and faster ways to make food, sometimes sacrificing the integrity of the food in the meantime. Bella Via can boast both great food and a great takeout system, without giving up anything in return.

If you have a long day, or just don’t feel like slaving over a stove to make a meal for you or your family, Bella Via can solve that problem in a jiffy. We don’t call ourselves the best pizza in Long Island City for nothing, and we can prove it to you in one visit.

With a wide variety of pizzas, pasta dishes, and desserts, Bella Via can offer you more than just food. Eating something is an experience, and we have every intention to make it a good one. With coal-oven cooked crusts and gourmet pizza toppings, our pizza pies are nothing but the best, made with fresh ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes and catered to your order.

From New York style pizza to fancy topping combinations—or even our house special, the “four seasons” Quattro Stagioni pizza. Bella Via is famous for its pizzas, and for good reason. Nothing tastes better than an authentic stone-cooked crust, covered in nothing but fresh and perfectly heated sauce, cheeses, and toppings.

If you aren’t feeling pizza, or just aren’t a fan of the dish, you have options here too. From classic plates such as spaghetti and chicken picatta to fancier foods like veal scaloppini and stuffed focaccia. Even our salads are packed with nothing but freshness, so don’t be afraid to try our beet salad.

For desserts, we still finish the game strong with authentic cannoli, a variety of gelatos, and even chocolate mousse cake for anyone daring enough to finish off a rich meal with a rich dessert.

Our takeout experience is made easy with online ordering systems, so you can check out our menus with ease, or even on-the-go! Just submit an order, schedule a pickup time, and rest assured knowing when you arrive, hot food will be waiting for you to take home.