Bella Via’s Coal-Fired Crust Makes for the Best Long Island City Pizza

When it comes to crust, there’s no part of the pizza that is more important – and more overlooked. As the base of the pizza, the crust has to carry the weight of the sauce, cheese, and toppings while still maintaining a solid texture and taste.

Pizza crust is more than just a delivery system for the sauce and cheese. While we often forget about it while enjoying the toppings, tomatoes, and delicious mozzarella, a pizza is only as good as its base. Chances are, every bad pizza you’ve ever had was probably ruined by a bad crust. If it’s too chewy, it becomes a pain to eat. Too hard, and it ruins the texture. Too soft or weak, and the sauce and cheese will overwhelm it.

For this reason, a proper crust is a vital part of making pizza. The only way to properly make a truly outstanding pizza crust is by using a coal-fire oven. Luckily, crust is one of the things Bella Via does best. From kneading to baking, our crust is carefully handled. We make the dough according to a strict recipe, and only use coal-fire ovens when baking our pizzas. The time and effort put into our pizzas is a source of pride.

While many pizzerias have switched to electric ovens for the speed and convenience, Bella Via has stuck with tradition. The original method of making pizza was the best, and we have no plans on switching our methods. The extra effort goes a long way in making a truly mouth-watering pizza, and we’re dedicated to quality.

Coal-fired crust has a completely different flavor and feel than crusts made in electric ovens. The brick oven maintains a high, dry heat that crisps the edges, but the lack of metal pans keeps the bread from becoming too hard. Not to mention, the coal-fire gives it a unique taste you can’t find in other pizzas. The result? A solid, perfectly firm crust that’s packed with flavor, crispy and chewy, and never soggy or hard.

If you’re craving a slice of pie — or an entire pizza, drop by Bella Via. We’re the best pizza delivery in Long Island City, and a favorite for take-out pizza in the entire Queens area. You can sit down with us for a meal, order take-out to enjoy at home, or call us for pizza delivery in LIC.