Whether you prefer old-school Italian dishes heaped with pasta and rich sauce, fresh seafood plates, or traditional coal fire brick oven pizza, food from Bella Via is even better when you share dishes or pies. There’s just so much to choose from, whether you are dining in family style, or ordering pizza delivery in Long Island.

When you decide to take the family out for a great dinner, or treat the inlaws who are in town, plan on ordering for the table. Splitting the generous entrees means everyone can enjoy a wide range of delicious Italian foods, like:

Tagliatelle. This pasta is perfectly cooked, with al dente noodles piled up and surrounded with large shrimp Delicious oven dried tomatoes and crumbles of cheese garnish every delicious bite, and the light sauce can be spooned up from the bottom of the deep serving plate for easy drizzling over each portion.

Spinach fettuccine. This colorful pasta dish is just as good, noodles cooked to perfection and sauced gently with pesto before being adorned with shrimp, and thick slices of sautéed mushrooms. The result is a subtle blend of flavors that will romance any palate.

Pollo caprese. This lighter, chicken-based dish is an ideal addition. The tender breasts are cooked carefully until done, before being topped with gently melted cheese and a green herb garnish. Crisp tender veggie sides include  roasted baby red potatoes, carrots and flat green beans.

Risotto. Creamy and rich, this warm and filling dish to consists of Arborio rice is cooked until just tender, then blended with mixed wild mushrooms. The saucing is delicate and reserved – just enough to hold the risotto together without overwhelming or drowning it.

Pizza. Bella Via’s crowning glory is coal fired brick oven pizza, and it’s the ideal option when you just want to order in and get amazing pizza delivery in LI City.

The restaurant’s Quattro Stagioni (four seasons) is a pie divided into fourths with artichokes, ham, mushrooms, and biancaneve; or opt for the familiar Margherita with San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh gourmet pizza toppings.

You can order by phone or online, and get your piping hot pizza delivery in Queens just in time to curl up and binge your favorite show. It’s the ideal way to spend a cold winter evening.

Enjoy great Italian food throughout 2018 with amazing traditional dishes and the best Italian in LIC!