For Long Island City pizza delivery, pies with an authentic, coal-fired brick oven baked crust reign supreme. While the battle may rage on between Chicagoans and New Yorkers about who makes a better pie (pah-leeze), there’s no denying that holding to the oldest of Italian traditions produces the best crust, every time.

Why are brick ovens with a hot coal fire the best mode of baking for a thin, crispy, chewy crust? The answer lies in the incredibly high heat and very dry conditions a big brick oven can deliver, especially when compared to modern electric or gas enclosed ovens that can match neither their blistering temperatures nor lack of humidity.

Bella Via’s traditional way of cooking pizzas is what delivers the utmost in satisfaction when it comes to pizza crust. We start with fresh pizza dough kneaded to a smooth elasticity, and hand tossed into perfectly symmetrical rounds that are thin and even. The dough is spread with our delicious San Marzano tomato sauce, covered with fresh mozzarella cheese, and generously garnished with gourmet pizza toppings ranging from the familiar meats, cheeses, and veggies to exotic additions like truffle oil.

The entire pie slides into the coal fire brick oven, where extremely high temperatures will yield a perfectly baked crust that is crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. The 900 degree heat yields a perfectly baked crust with hot sauce and bubbling cheeses without over-cooking the toppings.

The magic of brick lined ovens is that the heat is held in and stoked inside a large cooking space, intensifying the temperature and speeding the baking of the pizza crust. Since the pizza rests directly on the oven floor, the crust itself bakes with conducive heat, resulting in the perfectly browned bottom. This results in a delicious, light, crisp but chewy crust that slices easily and remains thin but strong enough to support even the heaviest topping loads.

Bella Via uses only clean burning coal, which allows the natural goodness of each ingredient in our pizzas to linger on your tongue, bursting with rich Italian flavor. For true “New Yorker pizza”, you don’t have to look further than pizza delivery in Long Island City, courtesy of Bella Via. If you’ve never had an authentic, coal fire brick oven pizza, today could be the day that changes your opinion of pizza for the rest of your life.