If you are trying to cut down on how much meat you consume, but find eating out to be a temptation, why not choose a restaurant with plenty of excellent meatless options? Bella Via is a great place to get a full meal without the need to consume red meat or poultry. You can opt for fish based dishes or go completely meat free.


Start with grilled marinated vegetables with fresh mozzarella, or a salad of red beets with onions and goat cheese. Alternately, choose between a salad of mixed greens (insalatina di campo) or a simple Caesar salad (insalata Cesare.)


Want something a little warmer? A trio of delicious soups await – zuppa di faggioli (a soup of cannellini beans and short pasta), minestrone de vegetali (mixed vegetable soup), or stracciatella alla romana (egg drop soup with spinach).


Try our ricotta / spinach gnocchi with tomato and olives, or penne with mushrooms and peas. We’ve got rigatoni with eggplant and tomatoes, and spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil.


We can also serve you such seafood delicacies as grilled salmon with mustard sauce, Arborio rice with seafood, angel hair pasta with shitake mushrooms and shrimps, mussels in a white wine sauce, or grilled or fried calamari.

Don’t let “meatless Mondays” keep from enjoying a meal out at a nice Italian restaurant. Come to Bella Via and find out how to stay on your diet without missing out on terrific food!