Make Every Home Gathering a Celebration with Italian Food

We love looking for reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or the day they graduate from high school, or a promotion at work or an engagement, every occasion is better when you are surrounded by your friends and family.  

With the Italian calendar full of many celebrations, including both national and city-wide holidays, it’s no wonder that their cuisine has countless dishes that will give you plenty of reasons to rejoice. 

Celebratory Italian Foods

Make any home gathering special with authentic Italian dishes like:


No Italian feast is complete without pasta. Whether you go for some cheesy ravioli or something more classic like spaghetti Bolognese or the universal favorite- lasagna depends on your personal preference. If your guests are picky eaters, you may want to go with clean flavors like a heartwarming dish of pillow-soft gnocchi. 

Spaghetti with Sauce


These are the snacks your guest will enjoy before tucking into the main course. Traditionally, this includes a salami platter often paired with cheese and olives. If you have a heavy main course like lasagna, you may want to go with something palate cleansing like a mixed green salad. 

For a complete feast, serve up appetizers that will have your guests salivating, like mussels, fried calamari, or mushrooms stuffed with crab meat. 

Verdura Cotta- Cooked Vegetables 

Italian celebration meals often include roasted, toasted, and grilled vegetables- eggplants and zucchinis being the more popular options. These vegetables don’t have to be a side dish because they can shine on their own. Serving up an eggplant rollatini at your event will have everyone, including vegetarians, coming back for more.

Carne- Meat

Meat dishes are the centerpiece for many holidays. You’ve got the stuffed turkey for Christmas, but if you’re hosting your own celebration, you may want to switch things up with chicken, veal, or some freshly grilled salmon. If the guests you are hosting are extra special, you can even create an indulgent menu complete with stuffed shrimp. 

Dolce- Dessert 

No meal is complete without dessert. Even if you’re stuffed to the core with lasagna and eggplant and shrimp, you’ll still have plenty of room in your heart for dessert. Authentic Italian meals generally include desserts that aren’t too sweet like a rich ricotta cheesecake, or some delicious, deep-fried cannoli. 

You can even end with gelato, especially if it’s a party in the summer. The gelato will ensure that your guests feel cool and refreshed at the end of their meal. 

Selecting the Menu Based on the Occasion 

Even if you’re the kind of family that loves having guests over every day, you’ll probably go for a catered menu on select occasions. Based on the type and number of guests, you can decide on a menu that is both delicious and fits your budget. 

Catering for Small Events 

Maybe you’re making a birth announcement, or you’re moving away to a different city, and you’ve decided to have 25 of your closest friends and family members over for dinner. Since the number of guests is pretty decent, you’ll want to have a solid number of dishes, including:

  • A pasta option (preferably with cheese), 
  • Antipasti, which can be a salami platter (or stuffed mushrooms),
  • The main course, preferably with meat,
  • A simple dessert. 

If you have even fewer people over (10 or less), you can have more decadent dishes. If, say, your friends are visiting from another country, and you want them to have a meal they’ll never forget, it’s a good idea to select a menu that has well-cooked, melt-in-the-mouth kind of salmon, prawns, and mussels. 

Catering for Larger Events 

If you’re hosting a large event in your home with like 40 or more people, you’ll need dishes that the majority of your guests will enjoy. Instead of having one dish of each type, you may even decide to keep more dishes like 2 different antipasti, including a salad and a meat option. 

If you live in Long Island City or nearby, you can enjoy all these delicious, fine Italian dishes by choosing Bella Via catering for your next event. Make it a feast your guests will rave about for years to come. 

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