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From celebrating holidays like Christmas to those of patron saints, Italian cuisine is historically embedded in sharing food and creating large feasts. Since Italian food is all about celebrating, it becomes the ideal option for catered events, whether they’re professional or casual. 

At Bella Via, we provide catering for all sorts of events, from business events to office lunches to personal celebrations like birthdays and more. Through a selection of authentic Italian dishes, treat your guests to a meal they won’t forget. 

An Introduction to Italian Food

Although Italian cuisine is quite diverse and includes a range of different dishes, there are some basic, fresh ingredients that are present in almost every meal:

Olive Oil 

Whether it’s used to toast some fresh bread, to make a chili oil for pasta, or drizzled over some fresh insalata, olive oil is a pantry staple for Italian cooking. 


If anyone says the word Italian food, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is cheese. Italians are very fond of their cheese, with different types adding magic to different dishes. From some fresh Buffalo Mozzarella to cheesy pasta to chicken stuffed with parmesan, cheese is diverse and present in plenty of dishes. And let’s not forget about the Mascarpone used in the age-old classic, tiramisu. 


Fresh tomatoes are available pretty much all year round, and they’re used in soups, salads (like the infamous Caprese salad), pizza, and much more. With a range of options, like cherry tomatoes, heirlooms, and so on, every dish tastes unique and decadent. 


A common source of protein among vegans, mushrooms cut through the richness of cheese sauces and the juiciness of tomatoes to add their own earthy flavor and interesting texture. They may be used as a side dish for the main course, or as the perfect appetizer with a vegetarian or meat stuffing. 


Fresh or cooked, basil is present in most dishes. It is the key ingredient for pesto, a variety of pasta sauces, and as an herb to dress finished dishes. The scent of basil automatically transports you to Italy. 


No Italian feast is complete without a serving of pasta. Contrary to common belief, spaghetti is not the most common variety. There is a large variety of shapes like stuffed ravioli, pillow-soft potato gnocchi, penne and rigatoni that are perfect for scooping up the sauce in their tube-like shapes, and many more. 

Italian Food for Events 

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a casual party with friends and family, your guests are bound to have a great time if the food tastes good. Give them a taste of Italy by selecting a variety of dishes like:

  • Antipasti like fresh mussels, prawns, and calamari. Alternatively, you can go for some fresh Mozzarella or delicious stuffed mushrooms. 
  • Pasta, where you can choose vegetarian dishes with eggplant and tomatoes, enjoy some cheesy ravioli, or some good old-fashioned pasta with Bolognese sauce. 
  • Entrée, which may include a meat choice, a vegetarian option, or the taste of the sea.

End the meal with some coffee as a palate cleanser and a sweet treat like tiramisu, a cooling scoop of gelato, or munch on some crunchy cannoli with a smooth, sweet filling. 

Make Every Event a Celebration

If you’re looking for authentic Italian catering complete with your favorite pizza and pasta dishes, classic desserts, and much more, then Bella Via is your best option in Long Island City. With a catering menu designed to cover everything, from salads to seafood, from pizza to pasta, from mushrooms to Mozzarella, celebrate all your events. Whether you’re closing a business deal with a new client, celebrating a loved one’s birthday, or welcoming visiting guests, save yourself the hassle and get a delicious catered meal at your doorstep. 

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