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Do you want to woo potential business clients at a lunch meeting? Or maybe you’re arranging a business event to celebrate your company’s success and growth. Whether you’re holding a business event for your own team or for a network of people from the corporate world, it’s important to have the right food to get everyone in a good mood. 

And what better way to make a person smile than through authentic Italian food? From antipasti to insalata to the age-old classics like margherita pizza and spaghetti, your guests will definitely go back for seconds with a menu this decadent. 

Italian Food Has Something for Everyone 

Apart from being a delicious choice, Italian food is generally something that even the pickiest eater will enjoy. The variety of flavors and ingredients caters to different pallets. If you have some vegetarians at your event, they can just skip the pizza and go for the insalata, the main course, and the decadent dessert. While we’re on the topic of different diet concerns, it’s important for you to offer at least 2 options for all the main meals and preferably dessert as well. You want all your business associates to enjoy their meal. An enjoyable meal at your corporate event will make them remember your company fondly every time. 

Should You Go For a Buffet-Style or Ala Carte Menu?

This strongly depends on the type of event you are hosting. If it’s an event for your own employees, it’s better to go for a buffet menu where your team has the freedom to eat comfortably, talk to their work friends, and cut loose. 

If it’s a formal lunch or dinner with important clients (or potential clients), go Ala Carte. This will create a good first impression when your clients are served well-plated, fine Italian food. They’ll be able to enjoy it thoroughly and discuss business with you at the same time, and you’ll win them over before dessert is served. 

Making Italian Food Professional 

Now you can go for a limitless supply of pizza and bottomless pasta options, but if you want something for a professional sit-down meal, do it the formal Italian way:

  • Start with some snacks like olives, cheese or chips as the aperitivo.
  • Move on to the cold antipasti complete with a deli-and-cheese platter, bruschetta, and more.
  • Enjoy some insalata caprese. If it’s winter, get some zuppe (soup) to warm your guests up. 
  • Tuck into some ravioli, risotto, or any other dishes of your choice for the primi piatti (first course), which may be paired with a side dish (contorno). 
  • For the second piatti (second course), gorge on some stuffed chicken. 
  • Lastly, the meal that goes straight to the heart- dolce, dessert. You may want to try some Italian classics like panna cotta or tiramisu or even fresh cannoli. Or you can go with something that will appeal to everyone, like chocolate mousse, or opt for Nutella pizza for a fun twist. 

End your meal with caffe (coffee) and tea to help you digest the sensational Italian meal you’ve just indulged in. 

Italian Food for a Semi-Formal Business Event 

You don’t have to make your event so formal or go for this many courses. If you’re catering for a very large number of people, you may go for a simpler menu like:

  • A few pizza flavors 
  • 2-3 choices for the main- you can include a pasta option, a risotto, or a stuffed chicken (or other protein)
  • 1-2 dessert options like cannoli and tiramisu. 

Make Your Event Memorable 

Many people have the belief that catered food will most likely be bland and boring, but it’s time for you to change that. If you’re looking for a fine Italian catering service in Long Island City, Bella Via offers a magnificent menu of dishes, including the age-old classics, as well as some unique dishes that’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in a posh café overlooking the Colosseum. 

Choose from a range of dishes such as a variety of soups, great pizza options, chicken and meat dishes, seafood items, and some vegetarian items as well. 

With Bella Via, make your corporate events a celebration of your business. 

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