Healthy Italian Food at Bella Via

It’s a common belief that diets have to be unpleasant — that you have to force yourself to eat salads and dine at home until you’ve lost the weight needed to rock your wedding dress or swimsuit. Not only does this mindset make everything more painful, it’s just not true. 

The body needs food, including carbohydrates and protein. Treating yourself to the healthier options on Bella Via’s menu lets you enjoy the taste and experience of good food, while still keeping your belt cinched. If you’re not sure what to order, here are our recommendations. 

Grigilata Di Verdure Allo’olio e Time is a great no-meat option. You can never feel guilty about enjoying vegetables, especially when they’re this good. This dish is made up of grilled vegetables, which are then marinated in olive oil and fresh thyme. 

Mozzarella Con Verdure Marinate Allo’olio Di Oliva adds a little more substance to your plate. If the above meal seems lacking in cheese, this is the solution. Olive oil, grilled veggies, and a healthy serving of fresh mozzarella. 

Fettuccini Degli Spinachi Con Gamberi e Funghi Con Salsa De Pesto is ideal if you’re craving pasta? Spinach fettuccini is your key to a delicious, healthy pasta dinner. In this dish, it’s paired with mushrooms, shrimp, and a yummy pesto sauce. Nothing to feel bad about here. 

Minestrone De Vegetale delivers warmth and wholesome stomach filling deliciousness. There’s nothing quite like a good soup on a cold day. If it’s a bit nippy outside, why not stop for some minestrone? It’s easy on the stomach, and soup is great at filling you up without knocking out your diet plans. 

Margherita or Marinara Pizzas may not be a diet food, but they are as close as you’ll get to guilt free when you order form Bella Via.  Our coal-fire ovens can provide you with a delicious alternative to the greasy fast food style pie. The Margherita is a classic, while the Marinara is the perfect cheese-less option for vegans or hardcore dieters. 

Italian Salads pack a protein punch. It’s easy to roll your eyes or sigh at the idea of another salad, but Bella Via does things a bit differently. The Pollo Battuta is a delicious grilled chicken dish with salad, while the Caprese and Mesculine salads are both yummy and nutritious. Even better, every salad comes with the option to add chicken, salmon, or shrimp. 

Once you’re done, who says you can’t treat yourself? Cheat a little and enjoy a guilt-free dessert of Gelati or Sorbetti. These are light desserts that offer the same sweetness as more guilty pleasures. Gelato comes in traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate, with things like salted caramel and fig as extra options. Meanwhile, you can enjoy delicious fruit sorbet in flavors like mango, raspberry, and lemon. 

Diet or not, drop by Bella Via for a tasty evening and a stomach full of guilt-free food!