Family Dinner at Bella Via

No ideas for dinner tonight? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With a delectable menu and a pleasant atmosphere, you can turn your spontaneous restaurant visit into a night everyone will remember. There’s bound to be something everyone will enjoy, whether it’s coal-fired pizza, salad, or a fresh pasta dish.

If you’re not sold already, here’s why Bella Via should be the next venue for your family dinner.

Pizza for Dinner

Words everyone likes to hear — especially the kids! While fast-food pizza is easy to order and typically a smash-hit with children and teens, it can leave something to be desired. Bella Via is famous for our coal-fired crust, decadent cheeses, gourmet pizza toppings and delicious sauce, so you can enjoy a quality, authentic pizza while still pleasing the younger people at the table.

If your family can’t decide on toppings, mix and match each half. The adults might enjoy veggies and mushrooms on their pizza, while the kids might turn up their noses at anything that’s not cheese and pepperoni. Better yet, order two pies for pizzas delivery in LIC that will leave plenty for reheating for lunch the next day.

Alternative Entrees

Not a fan of pizza, or just want to shake things up? If you’re not feeling enthusiastic about red sauce, many of our pasta dishes feature cheesy, creamy sauces or fresh veggies. We also have a fine selection of meats like chicken and shrimp, so you can enjoy a lighter meal while still feeling full.

Pizza isn’t the only Italian food worth trying. As enthusiasts of all Italian food, we’re experts at all things pasta, sauce, and spices. Don’t feel like you have to order pizza — Bella Via isn’t just a pizza joint, but a full Italian family-style restaurant.

Finishing Up With Dessert

Once everyone’s full and happy off their meals (and pre-emptively excited about their leftovers), it’s time for dessert and relaxation. As the saying goes, you can always be full but still have room for dessert. Have a slice of cheesecake and a cappuccino, and enjoy some nighttime conversation with your loved ones. Even if you spend all your time together, there’s always something to talk about, and what better place to talk than over dinner?

We want our guests to enjoy every aspect of the meal, from the food to their family. We’ll provide the table, so enjoy your stay and come dine with us – or order Queens pizza delivery for a cozy night in. Here at Bella Via, your family is our family, and we all believe in eating well.