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Most Long Island City residents are big fans of brunch. It usually means getting up late, enjoying the morning, and catching a quick bite before continuing on with our day. Brunch is a great way to sit down with friends, catch up, and move on without dedicating an entire evening to going out. Bella Via is the best local brunch on your map, and our LIC Brunch Menu proves it.

Craving a pizza? You’ve got options, and you don’t have to wait until dinner. Our pizzas are lighter than heavier, greasier pizzas, which makes them perfect for a mid-morning meal. With coal-fire crust and fresh San Marzano tomatoes, they’re fresh and delicious.

If you’re not fond of red sauce before supper, try one of our white-sauce pizzas. In fact, we even have a breakfast pizza on the menu, just in case you drop by in the morning. Want a sweeter dish? We have a Nutella pizza with bananas, sliced almonds, and a dusting of powdered sugar!

Pizzas aren’t the only thing on our menu, however. We have classic dishes like French toast, eggs Benedetto, and lemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce. If you want something a bit richer, eggs in purgatory features spicy marinara (goes great with home fries), and our pasta dishes pack quite a kick. You can opt for a sandwich too, choosing between salmon, chicken avocado, and even sliced steak.

Let’s not forget drinks. If you plan on staying a while, order an entree and our unlimited cup for free refills. We offer a number of juices and beverages, so don’t hesitate to ask what options are available that morning. Coffee drinker? We offer a number of warm drinks to keep you cozy, including espressos, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. You can even ask for one of our specialty coffees, or enjoy a plain cup of jo with milk and sugar.

Bella Via strives to be a restaurant worth visiting any time of day, and we have a menu for every meal. Your first meal of the day shouldn’t be something boring, like a granola bar or bagel. Treat yourself to a late morning, and head on over to Bella Via for our brunch menu. Take a few friends with you, and make a morning of it! There’s no better time to sit down and enjoy company.

If you’re still craving home-cooked food and fresh ingredients come dinnertime, swing back and check out our supper menu, or order piping hot gourmet pizza delivery in LIC.