When you’ve been shopping all day, getting off of your feet and getting some hot, authentic Italian food should be a top priority. With Christmas crowds descending on shopping malls, Bell Via is the perfect place to hide for an hour or three – it’s got a breathtaking waterfront city view, and serves up incredible hot, fresh Italian fare that beats any other option in Queens out of the parks.

For those craving pizza, try the house specialty – Quattro Staggioni, a pizza divided into four quarters with a different topping on each. Mushrooms, Artichokes, Ham and Biancaneve (white sauce and cheese) make for a smorgasbord of flavors.

Looking for something a little more rib-sticking? The calamari appetizer can take an edge off of your appetite while you are waiting for your main dish, or try a colorful salad of red beets and goat cheese garnished with walnuts.

Pastas abound. Try spaghetti, rigatoni, tagliatelle, angel hair, gnocchi and more. Sauces are made fresh, and include every possible variation from the light salsa rosa to the heavier ragu’ and even a delicious linguini with clam sauce.

Seafood plates include the fresh Capriccioso of yellow tailed sole, a sautéed striped bass, a mustard sauced grilled salmon and jumbo shrimp stuffed with crabmeat. Chicken options include the rarely seen Cornish hen, as well as a variety of dishes comprised of free range chicken including chicken breast topped with eggplant or with baby artichokes.

Red meat is also available – the classic veal scaloppini is served in two iterations with mushrooms, or select a lamb shanked braised with Barolo wine. Alternately, you can enjoy a grilled pork chop topped with cranberry or a sirloin steak drowned in melted gorgonzola.
Don’t forget dessert – choose from a wide variety of sweet options from the universally beloved tiramisu to the hand filled cannoli or the ricotta based cheesecake to the decadent crème brulee or the homemade rice pudding.

Christmas shopping can be exhilarating and exhausting. Dinner the night after shouldn’t be. Come to Bella Via and enjoy home style Italian cooking, coal fire brick oven pizza, and delicious platters of authentic Italian food you just can’t find anywhere else!